#24in24 Raffle Draw!

Here it is folks!

We’ve kept you long enough.  What started out as me putting 3 beers forward as a raffle prize, soon developed into a tremendous stash of beers through donations from the following people:

Paul (@300lbcyclist)

Zack (@TrueBrewZack)

Daisy (@daisy_turnell)

Colin (@ColinStronge)

Charlie (@CharlieHJM)

Gary (@TheAleTrail)

Coppers of Gosforth (@CoppersGosforth)

Autumn Brewery (@AutumnBreweryCo)

Flash House Brewery (@FlashHouseBrew)

Box Social Brewery (@BoxSocialBeer)

Errant Brewery (@ErrantBrewery)

Brinkburn Street Brewery (@BrinkburnStBrew)

A huge thank you to all those who donated.  It turned the prize pot into an amazing array of beer.  I wouldnt have raised anywhere near as much as we did without those donations.

So what of the winners?  Well you could listen to the show (well you should really), but for those in a hurry, here’s the list of winners:

1st Prize: Big Beer stash (made up various donations) – Chris Potts

2nd Prize: Anarchy Brewery hamper (donated by Coppers Gosforth) – Mr & Mrs Lambert (senior)

3rd Prize: North East Brewery hamper (donated by Coppers Gosforth) – Austin

4th Prize: Box Social Brewery gift pack (donated by Box Social Brewery) – Charlie

5th Prize: Flash House Brewery gift pack (donated by Flash House Brewery) – Mr & Mrs Joyce

6th Prize: Autumn Brewery gift pack (donated by Autumn Brewery) – Andrew Pearson

7th Prize: Buxton beer collection (donated by Colin Stronge) – Ben Round

So congratulations to all our winners.  I will be in touch very shortly to arrange delivery of your prizes!


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