Win World Class Beer!!!!!

Here we go folks, I’ve raided my stash and have pulled out the following beers to kick start the raffle prize.  One lucky ticket holder will be getting the perfect collection of Christmas beers!

I have some other beery donations promised, but to start things off I’ve got the following:




-Thornbridge The Heart Desires

In their own words:

“This beer is part of a project we have been working on at the brewery for a few years now. We wanted to create a modern sour ale aged in barrels, with the same complexity and depth of flavour which our favourite sours from the USA offer. This beer started life as a simple blonde ale with low bitterness and was fermented with our house yeast. We then aged this in Burgundy barrels with the fruit for well over a year. Adding cultures of Brettanomyces, Pediococcus and Lactobacillus at set points let us sour the beer gradually over many months and give layers of flavour that can only be developed over time. The fruit aroma and flavours compliment the sharp sourness which subsides for more malt and yeast character to come through. The resulting beer is a clean, zingy and intense blend of fruity tartness with intimations of crisp Sauvignon Blanc grapes.”

-Cloudwater Spiced Mocha Imperial Stout

In their own words:

“A chocolate, coffee and mixed spice of our luscious Imperial Stout, infused with cacao husks from Mast Brothers, cold brew coffee, and festive mixed spices. Enjoy this winter for fresh cacao, coffee and spice flavours or set aside to mature over time at cellar temperature.”

-Old Chimneys Brewery Good King Henry Special Reserve 2014

The UK’s highest rated beer on Ratebeer:

This is just the beginning folks, the prize fund will grow and grow.  So get yourselves in to Coppers to get raffle tickets, or ask me in person, or get donating to the just giving page here:

And lets make this prize extra special, any beer donations welcomed.  They don’t need to be stella beers, any beers you have had standing around doing nothing, where you’ve been unsure as to what to do with them, here’s the perfect opportunity to put them to a good cause!  If you do have anything you’d like to donate, just let me know and we’ll srt out logistics!

Other than that, tune in on 17th November to see what we’re up to.


The 24 beer reviews in 24 hours challenge

I know its still only October, but Christmas will soon be here.  And the good news is that we’ll be bringing you your very own North East Sippin Forecast advent calendar for your delectation!  Exciting eh?!  Only this isn’t a box with a few interesting beers in a load of dull lagers that we can’t shift…. no, we’re planning an audio advent calendar packed to the rafters with interesting content.  We’ll be releasing a mini-podcast (aka a podblast) every day from the 1st to the 24th December!

But how will we get all that content you ask?!  Well that’s where things get really exciting.  Our crazy ambitious plan is to do 24 beer reviews in 24 hours….. must be mad!  At least with a new born baby in the house I’ll be used to going without sleep…. So every hour on the hour we’ll be recording a short snappy beer review podblast.  Obviously 24 hours is a long time and we can’t just sit infront of a microphone all day, so to keep us alert and lively, we’ll be undertaking mini-challenges and activities throughout the day.  For one, we’ll be brewing a beer, we’ll be baking with beer, we’ll be pulling pints behind the bar in the Free Trade Inn, we’ll be reviewing beer in some very interesting locations and of course there’ll be a quiz to test your beery knowledge.

The whole challenge will get underway at 9pm on Friday 17th November, finishing at 9pm the following night. We’ll be putting out as much content as possible via Periscope/Facebook live/YouTube so give us a follow on all the platforms so you can keep an eye on what we’re up to throughout the day.

One exciting point to note, from 10pm on the Friday evening we will have contestants battling it out to be crowned World #TwubQuiz Champion!  We will run our usual format #TwubQuiz, but the core contestants will be live on youtube answering the questions in an attempt to take the crown!

Worth mentioning that we wouldn’t be able to do it on our own. We’ll have several friends and familiar faces joining us throughout the day.  Expect the unexpected!

The whole day is going to be dedicated to our chosen charity, Cancer Research.  And here is where we need your help.  We will be holding a raffle on the day, raffle tickets will be available from Coppers or from ourselves on the day (so check out the timetable and come and find us).  And the Raffle prize will be, well, whatever we can put together.  We would welcome donations of beers too add to our prize.  You know those beers that you’ve put to one side and never quite fancied drinking?  Well why not put them to a good cause? We’re putting forward the beers shown below and any beers that we get donated will be added to that stash.  So if you would like to donate any to our raffle prize, please let us know.  There will only be one winning and they will take away the whole stash.

In the spirit of fairness, ayone who donates to the just giving page will also get a raffle ticket put into the hat, so get donating!

If you did want to donate, all donations welcome, here’s the link to our just giving page: Just giving page

We’ll release a full timetable nearer the event, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed/Facebook page.

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