#TwubQuiz 6 November 2018

Question 1) Which of the following beers is not included in @RogerProtz book ‘300 beers to try before you die’ ? #TwubQuiz

Brooklyn Lager

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Pilsner Urquell

St Austell Proper Job

St Austell Proper Job didn’t make the original 300 beers to try before you die. However, it did make the list for Roger’s follow up book, 300 more beers to try before you die.

Question 2) What does the term Marzen beer refer to? #TwubQuiz

Malted lager

Dark lager

Dark Wheat beer

March beer

A Marzen Beer is traditionally brewed in March. Prior to cold storage being developed in the 19th Century, March was the last month in which beer could be safely brewed in Bavaria due to its long hot summers.

Question 3) From which country is former Everton FC sponsor, Chang beer? #TwubQuiz





Chang is the Thai word for elephant, which explains the beers trademark logo depicting two such elephants. Chang is actually two different beers. One is 5% abv and marketed globally, however the beer sold within Thailand is brewed to a far stronger 6.4% abv.

Question 4) How many beers do the Trappist Monks at Orval produce? #TwubQuiz





The monks actually technically produce 3 different beers. The bottled variety is by far the biggest quantity. However, there is a different version which is only ever available on tap at the brewery, together with a lighter table beer version of the main beer.

Question 5) Why is Miller lite called ‘lite’? #TwubQuiz

Low abv

Low calorie

Low viscosity

Low price

Joseph Owades invented lite beers, or rather diet beer as he originally called it. He discovered an enzyme which broke down the starch in beer and launched Gablinger’s Diet Beer for the Rheingold Brewery. The brewery was later bought out by Miller Brewing and in 1975 changed the beers name to Miller Lite.

Question 6) Who won the British Guild of Beer Writers’ beer writer of the year award in 2017? #TwubQuiz

Adrian Tierney-Jones

Matt Curtis

James Beeson

Pete Brown

Judge Pete Brown (and 2016 Beer Writer Of the year) had this to say about Adrian: “Our new Beer Writer of the Year, Adrian Tierney-Jones lives and breathes his subject. And talks about it without ever seeming to draw breath. As well as constantly seeking to learn more about beer, after decades as a journalist he’s also still constantly seeking out new ways in which to communicate his passion and knowledge to the reader. Adrian is no stranger to these awards, but this year was his strongest yet and he was the judges’ unanimous choice for the top award.”

Question 7) Where in the world would you find @nomadabrew ? #TwubQuiz





Nomada Brewing is based in Barcelona, Spain. You can find out more here: https://nomadabrewing.com/cervezas/

Question 8) What is the purpose in Brewing, of an acid wash? #TwubQuiz

Clean mash tun

Clean malt

Clean yeast

Clean bottles

An acid wash is used to ‘clean’ the yeast of bacteria prior to fermentation. It is soaked in an acid bath at 2.2ph.

Question 9) If I was stood in a tap room choosing between Saucery, Promised Land and Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, who’s Taproom would I be in? #TwubQuiz


Magic Rock




Question 10) which of the following has the highest abv? #TwubQuiz

Tegernseer Hell 4.4%

Miller Lite 4.2%

Coniston Bluebird 3.6%

Guinness 4.2%

#TwubQuiz World Championship

Morning all!

The big day has finally arrived.  At 9pm tonight we will be live on youtube at the following link:

The format of the #TwubQuiz will be very much like that of the usual Tuesday night quiz.  10 Questions, one posted every 5 minutes between 10:15 and 11:00.  However, while you answer the polls on Twitter, a panel of the greatest beery minds will be live on YouTube attempting to answer the very same questions.  I will be monitoring the answers and from within this elite group, a champion will emerge!

Who are the contestants?

One half of the #Hopinions team  @BeerOClockShow

The UK’s No1 beer blogger @MarkNJohnson

The right honourable @TheAleLady


Leeds finest, Gareth @barrelagedleeds

And finally, our international contestant, all the way from Ireland, Wayne @IrishBeerSnob

It’ll be a lot of fun folks, be sure to tune in!

24 beer reviews in 24 hours – Itinerary

With just a week to go, the sense of anticipation is growing.  This started out as abit of a laugh, I never thought it would actually be possible! Ha ha!  But here we are and yeah, its about to get real!

So what are our plans:

Sippin Forecast plus special guests!

Friday 17th November:

9pm: Official launch.  We will be live on our newly founded YouTube channel to chat through what lies ahead.

10pm: The Inaugral #TwubQuiz World Championships will be held with a selection of our keenest contestants battling it out live before the nation, again on our youtube channel

12pm: Once the fun of the #TwubQuiz settles down I will firing up our hot liquor tank to start brewing.  This may go on for many hours, so I would welcome anyone who fancies keeping me company would be most welcome! I’ll probably jump on Periscope aswell as the YouTube stream so you can chat.

Also in this time I will be preparing various beery foodstuff to sustain me through the rest of the challenge!

9am: Parkrun – Newcastle town moor.  I’ve never done the run before but will have loyal listener Charlie helping me round!  He’ll also be reviewing a beer with me before we set off.

11am: We’re off to the Town Mouse to review a beer with the landlord John.

1pm: I’m reviewing a beer with Gary, better known to you all as @TheAleTrail on Twitter.

2pm: I’ll be pulling pints behind the bar in the Free Trade Inn , come along and test my pouring skills!

3pm: I’m off to meet my good friend Ruari to review a beer in an amazing location.  This one is truly amazing!

5pm: I’ll be in The Bridge Tavern reviewing a beer with Bearded bar chief, Jack!

7pm: I will be heading to Coppers for the final few beer reviews.  Come down and join me and help me through the final stages of my challenge!

Naturally it goes without saying that I have a few surprises up my sleeves, but all will be revealed on the day.  Keep your eyes peeled for our various social media channels for updates throughout the challenge. Plan is to have as much as possible broadcast throughout the day via one medium or another so you can check up on my progress!

Also, come and find us! We’ll be selling raffle tickets for the chance to win an incredible selection of beer kindly donated by various people, all in aid of Cancer Research UK.  A worthy cause and you could walk away with an incredible stash of beer!

First thoughts

Hello and welcome.  We are very excited about the podcast.  Its a whole new step of exploration for each of us.

To give you all abit of background, Myles has been a beer geek for a good few years and has been blogging under Drinking got me thinking…

In contrast Rob is relatively new to good beer.  After 12 months of bugging Myles about beer geek facts, this podcast developed as a way for recording the journey the two lads make together.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the level of support and best wishes we’ve received, and as a result a lot of potential fun has opened up as possibilities for the show.  Expect to see some really interesting features in future shows!  But for now, while we get used to the technology, we’re keeping the first show simple.  Just two lads having a good chat about good beer!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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